Edition Sizes

What is the Edition Size of my pin?


BubbleBoi Dark Skin with feet LE 100

BubbleBoi Light Skin with feet LE 100

Pink Bubbles LE 150

Blue Bubbles LE 150

Purple Bubbles LE 75

Green Bubbles LE 50

Rainbow Bubbles LE 75


BossWitch (radish shirt version, pin-on-pin with specs) LE 155

Bare Face BossWitch (radish shirt version - no glasses, not pin-on-pin) LE 50

Vibrant Pink Specs LE 100

Pastel Pink Specs LE 100

Muggle Pastel Pink Specs (no lenses) LE 5 

GothWitch Dark (White shirt w/lace, pin-on-pin with dark purple specs) LE 25

GothWitch Pastel (White shirt w/lace, pin-on-pin with light purple specs) LE 50

BasicGothWitch (White lace shirt - no glasses, not pin-on-pin) LE 25

Dark Purple Specs LE 100

Pastel Purple Specs LE 100

Black Glitter Specs LE 100

WednesdayWitch (black shirt w/ lace, pin-on-pin with black glitter specs) LE 235

BasicWednesdayWitch (black lace shirt - no glasses, not pin-on-pin) LE 10

Specs rainbow glitter LE 65 

RuthWitch Specs rainbow glitter no print LE 35

Black RuthWitch Specs rainbow glitter  (black shirt w/ lace, pin-on-pin with rainbow glitter clear specs) LE 15

White RuthWitch Specs rainbow glitter  (white shirt w/ lace, pin-on-pin with rainbow glitter clear specs) LE 15

Muggle Dark Purple Specs LE 15

Muggle Light Purple Specs LE 15

Muggle Black Specs LE 15

______________ DirigibleFruit

DirigibleHarvest Loona LE 50  (origina yellow sweater)

Dark Bark Dirigible Tree LE 50 

Light Bark Dirigible Tree LE 48

Dirigible Bunch OE

Dirigible Plum Single OE

DirigiblePlums Loona LE 60 (ponk sweater)


GryffinPride LE 250

GryffinPride Lion Head LE 100


iSeeNaargles All Sandblast LE 113

iSeeNaargles All Hard Enamel LE 4

iSeeNaargles Sandblast Wing LE 4

iSeeNaargles Sandblast Head LE 4

iSeeNaargles Glitter LE 2

Bony Pony Head LE 80

Radish Thief Naargle LE 80

Big Naargle LE 80

Tiny Naargle LE 80

Glitter Radish Thief Naargle LE 10

Glitter Big Naargle LE 10

Glitter Tiny Naargle LE 10

______________Wedding Weirdos

Wedding Weirdos Xeno LE 60

Wedding Weirdos Xeno Glitter LE 10

Wedding Weirdos Loona LE 45

Wedding Weirdos Loona Glitter LE 10


Red Shoe OE

Purple Shoe OE

Pink Coat LE 50

Magical Unicorn Balloony Skirt LE 100

Magical Unicorn Balloony Skirt GLITTER OE

Blue Sock LE 50


Slug Dress GLITTER LE 1

Rainbow Wrakspurtz LE 30

Radishes LE 50

Cork Necklace OE

Sunny Wedding Dress LE 50

Plums Pot OE


Plums SIgn OE

Purple Woodpecker Quill OE

Easy Spells to Fool Muggles LE 100

Beetlewing Earring OE

Beetlewing Earrings Set OE

Sum Solving Ink OE

Fantastics Beasties Book TBD

Bubble Bow Booster TBD

Spider Ring TBD

School Shoes TBD

Quibbles TBD

______________ House Robes

Sly Cloak Malboy Pearl OE 

Sly Cloak Malboy Glitter OE

Brave Cloak Harry Pearl OE

Brave Cloak Harry Glitter OE

Clever Cloak Luvgood Pearl OE

Clever Cloak Luvgood Glitter OE

Loyal Cloak Diggory Pearl OE

Loyal Cloak Diggory Glitter OE

______________ House Hats

Sly Hat Tom Pearl OE 

Sly Hat Tom Glitter OE

Brave Hat Bill Pearl OE

Brave Hat Bill Glitter OE

Clever Hat Cho Pearl OE

Clever Hat Cho Glitter OE

Loyal Hat Tonks Pearl OE

Loyal Hat Tonks Glitter OE

Sly Hat Pearl Hard Tag OE 

Sly Hat Glitter Hard Tag OE

Brave Hat Pearl Hard Tag OE 

Brave Hat Glitter Hard Tag OE 

Clever Hat Pearl Hard Tag OE 

Clever Hat Glitter Hard Tag OE 

Loyal Hat Pearl Hard Tag OE 

Loyal Hat Glitter Hard Tag OE

Neutral Gray Hat Pearl Hard Tag OE 

Neutral Gray Hat Glitter Hard Tag OE

______________Tableau Lumineux

 (collab with The Artist Under the Stairs aka Lauren the Potterhead)

First Sunset (Boats) LR 65 (max LE 100)

______________ SnapShots / One-Offs

Say "Cheese!" Weazlie Kids LE 150

Say "Cheese!" Weazlie Kids Pearl LE 40

Autumn Dancers LE 65

Hippie Dippie Loona LE 75 (manufacturing)

______________ Wizerd Scouts

Sailor Scout Loona LE 80

______________ MischiefMade

Footprints Right OE

Footprints Left OE

Footprints Right GLITTER OE

Footprints Left GLITTER OE

Footprints Right Clear OE

Footprints Left Clear OE

Footprints Right Clear GLITTER OE

Footprints Left Clear GLITTER OE

HeadMister Circle OE

HeadMister Circle GLITTER OE

MakeoutManaged! LE 50

MakeoutManaged! Glitter LE 50

MakeoutManaged! Red LE 50

MakeoutManaged! Red & Glitter LE 50

BabyFeet LE ??? Charity pin

______________ Party Time, Excellent! Mischief Makers 

Padfoot LE 100

Moony LE 100

BuckBoi LE 100

______________ MischiefNamed

Name Banners


Harry OE

Krum OE

Slytherinn OE


Neville OE

Frank OE

ROONIL LE 30, exclusive 


Luna OE

Flitwickk OE

Ginnie OE


Hermionne OE

Fleur OE

Tonks OE


Remuss OE

Cedrik OE

Helena OE

Sprout OE


Ron OE

Hagrite OE


Drako OE

Lucious OE

Scorpious OE


Snepe OE

shshshshshs OE

basilisk OE

Tom OE


Peter OE

Molly OE

Grey Lady OE


James OE

Lily Luna OE

Godrik OE

MischiefManeged OE


Serious OE

Helga OE

Filcher OE


Umbrige OE

Bella OE

Myrtle OE


Moody OE

Minerva OE

Sir Nic OE


Lily OE

Peeves OE



DumbleSnore OE


Twins OE

Wedding OE

Dramione OE

Molly & Art OE

Reylo LE 15, exclusive

Lupien LE 15, exclusive

Ginny & Harry OE

Tonks & Remuss OE

Serious & Remuss OE

HermioRon OE

Krumione OE

LavRon OE ????

Lily & James OE  ????

Lily & Snepe OE  ????

Drarry OE  ????

Larry OE  ????

Leville OE  ????

Queenie & Jakob OE  ????

Tina & Newt OE  ????

Hermioarry OE  ????

Narcissus OE  ????

Hagrit & Max OE  ????

Elves OE  ????

Dumblewald OE  ????

Me, Myself, & I OE  ????

Nagence OE  ????

Frangelina OE  ????

______________ Chapter Stars

Rose Gold  OE

Gold  OE

Silver  OE

Rainbow  OE

______________ The Thrilling Adventures of Loony Luvgood 

(DisneyPinBoy Collab)

Dreamwalker   LE 65

Dreamwalker Topper LE 30

______________ Globus Potronus

(collab with NerdyPensieve) 

Globus Potronus LE 70

______________ Harpy

Harpy Ginnie LE 77

Harpy Broom LE 735

Harpy Quaffle OE

Harpy No. 6 Banner OE

Harpy Banner OE

______________ Aquatic Champions: Mysteries of the Black Lake

Owl Clasp OE 

GillWeed Jar OE

Trident of Only One OE

Water Flora Book OE

Water Song OE


Red Gold Harry Banner LE 75

Gray Gold Harry Banner LE 30


Yellow Gold Cedrik Banner LE 75

Gray Gold Cedrik Banner LE 30

Antique Copper Cedrik Banner LE 30


Gold Fleur Banner LE 100

Rose Gold Fleur Banner LE 50

Silver Fleur Banner LE 30


Gold Krumb Banner LE 75

Antique Brass  Krumb Banner LE 30


Stolen Treasures pin on pin LE 170

Stolen Treasures top pin LE 40

Arch bottom pin LE 10


Champion Herry LE 150

Champion Krumb LE 150

Champion Cedrik LE 150

Champion Fleur Pearl LE 140

Champion Fleur Hard LE 30


Foe Mermie LE 150

Foe Squid LE 100

Foe Kelpie LE 100

Foe Grindy LE 140


(collab with PixePrncss) Luna room ceiling

Friends pin-on-pin slider LE 65

The Artist, top pin  LE 50

The Room, room pin  LE ???


Hermi LE ???

Ginnie  LE ???

Loona Eyes LE ???

Loona Specs LE ???

Horcrux LE ???

______________ BonyPonyVizion

Left Specs Bony Pony LE 100

Right Specs Loona and Naargles LE 150


Left Specs My Little Bony Pony LE 50

My Little BonyPony top pin LE 50

My Little BonyPony top pin PEARL LE 5

My Little BonyPatronus top pin LE 5


Left Specs  LE 15

Right Specs  LE 15


Loona top pin LE 120

BonyPony top pin LE 60

BonyPatronus top pin LE 40


Little Naargle top pin LE 30

Medium Naargle top pin LE 30

Large Naargle top pin LE 30


______________Wondrous Wizarding Weekend 2021
collab with @oddmentandtweak

Professor Lupin Frogge Card LE 100

______________ Acrylic Pins

President Badge LE 50 

BossWitch LE 50

______________Other Minis

Rainbow Believe OE

Gold Believe OE

______________Broom Thighs

based on fic by @willhavetheirtrinkets

Shirts (Slytheryn Green)  LE 65

Skins (Slytheryn)  LE 60

Shirts (DMLE Purple)  LE 30

DMLE Badge
 LR 100/

______________GryffinPride 2

Alice (pale coloration)  LR 250 Max, edition size currently 150
Tiffany (pastel)  LR 200 Max, edition size currently 150
Mel (Black Girl Magic)  LR 75 Max, edition size currently 50
Destiny (light brown coloration)  LR 75 Max, edition size currently 50

______________ Yule Gala

Gala Loona LE 120

Masc Gala Loona LE ???

Pride Banners WIP

______________ Flogwarts

Slightly Naughty Drako LE 50

Naughty Drako LE 50

GodDaddy Serious LE ????



Bebe Loona Purple LE 25

Bebe Loona Green LE 25

Bebe Loona Lilac LE 25

Bebe Loona Blue LE 25

Pearl Plushie Bony Pony OE

Pearl Swirl Plushie Bony Pony OE

Rockin' Ride Bony Pony Silver LE 75

Rockin' Ride Bony Pony Black LE 25

Bebe Teddy Duck LE???

Bebe Teddy Pig LE???

Bebe Teddy LE???

______________Cocoa Frogges

Cocoa Frogge Milk
 LE 100

Mini Crocoa Frogge LE 200

Frogge Specs, No Lenses LE 100

_______ Wave 2_______

Original Croakoa Milk LE 100

75% Croakoa Dark LE 150

Pumpkin Spicy Orange Glitter LE 100

Peppermint Icy Rainbow Glitter LE 150

Strawberry Sparkle 
Pink Glitter LE 100

100% That Umbitch 
Pink Glitter with Kiss LE 50

90% Dark Magic Black Glitter LE 50

Dementor's Kiss 
Black Glitter with Kiss LE 50

Fancy Frogge Specs with Lenses LE 100 

______________ Hogwartifacts

Room of Rekwirement Lenticular LE 100 

___________ GilderBoy

My Favorite Subject: Me Lenticular 
LR 100/

The Faces of Beau: Blue
LR 50/

The Faces of Beau:
LR 50/

The Faces of Beau:
LR 50/
LR 75/

The Duelist LR 75/

The Scent of Perfection
 Handkerchief LR ???

WitchWeekly's Most Charming Smile Mirror 
LR ???

Pixie Problems
 Neville LR

PixiePassel Cage  

___________ SlythyrPin

Drako Patronis 
LE ??

LE ???

___________ Mandrakes

LR 200/

Ecstatic LR 200/

Fed Up LR 200/

Grumpy Crossed Arms LR 

Zen Crossed Arms LR 

Shocked Yellow Flower LR 

Content Pink Flower LR