Basic Goth Witch LE 25



It is 2010 and Loona has become a wandering magicozoologist and Editor-in-Chief of the Quibbbler, renowned around the WitchingWorld for her avant-garde journalism and coverage of injustice towards the unknown and the feared.

Loona is a #BossWitch: documenting and defending the Magical Creatures she comes into contact with.

Her eyes are screenprinted on the bottom pin and the top pin is the specs with stained glass lenses. The two pins are riveted together permanently.

She has Thestraal earrings in glitter and sandblast effect as a lovely adornment and her sandblast Tulip shaped wand at the ready.

This LE Variant of the BossWitch has a screenprinted Witchy lace collar and star nose stud.

Gold-plated and 2mm thick

Hard Enamel Pin-on-Pin Design

Loona Base pin is 8 cm tall and about 7 cm wide.

Specs top pin is about 5 cm wide and 2 cm tall.