Broom Thighs: DMLE


Two Words: Broom Thighs

art by @ginger_and_vodka
based on the fic "Bring Him to His Knees" by @willhavetheirtrinkets
Explicit - warning! adults only please

Shirts (Slytheryn) LE 100
Skins LE 60
Shirts (Purple DMLE) LE 25


Gold-plated and 2mm thick

Hard EnamelDesign

3 posts

4 inches or 100 ish mm with screenprinted face and print details, Sandblast with translucent enamel, and raised metal detailing.

These turned out great.

General Grading Policy/Terms

✨Nearly Flawless? How can you be Nearly Flawless?

✨Standard = small speck, slight smudge at an angle, very slight misprint, very shallow dip or texture in enamel or plating only seen at angle -

Nothing that stands out on inspection or at reading length and nothing that detracts from enjoyment