BubbleBoi & Bubbles

$10.00 - $23.00

This BubbleBoi just can't help themselves - they just keep blowing.

The removable transparent glass bubble wheel spins even when on a board - rear posts hold your pin up securely and allow the wheel to spin freely.

This Non-Gendered Boi comes with their own removable legs / feet!
So if you want something below the sweater, stick them on the board together!...
And if you don't like feetsies on your Boi, hide them tootsies in a drawer.

Choose a Skin Tone: Dark and Light
BubbleBoi comes in two skin tones. Get yourself one of each!

Choose your Bubbles!

Perfectly Pink, the OG bubble,

Droooble Blue, the coolest bubble gum around!

Weazlie Purple, in memory of our Favorite Twin

Acid Pop Green, when you've had one too many Pops...

Get one of each bubble for maximum color flexibility - change your bubbles according to the mood of your board!