Flantastic Beats Book LE 200 Small

$15.00 - $40.00

Flantastic Beats, by Knewt Skamander

Loona blames her lost items on troublesome Naargles or mischievously misguided students. Help her retrieve her LOST items by end of term.

She's signed her copy of the book on the bottom pages so there should be no mistaking it!

If you want a clean copy (no name) purchase the NO NAME listing OR if it is sold out, add a note to your purchase and I’ll remove it for you!

This Pin is LE.

✨ gold-plated and 2mm thick

✨ 2 pin posts and about 2 inches square

Standard grades have no real visible flaw on normal examination though some variation in print exists. On these the small details are so small the translucent color has a small bit of bleed.

Slightly Flawed / B grade pins will have more excess transparent or a little tarnish on the small letters but still be very pretty even on close examination.