GryffinPride 2


This is a smaller, single-layer version of the original GryffinPride: that pin was 10 cm and pin-on-pin.

This pin is 7.5 cm and single layer with 2 posts.

This Loona is Limited Release, with the Max LE number not necessarily being made right away. The first wave will be about half of the max edition size and if there is demand I will make more up to the max LE.

This Loona pin comes in 4 editions!

✨Pick your flavour of magic ✨

✨Alice: GryffinPride LE 150 (max 250) {Original Styling}

✨Mel: GryffinPride LE 50 (max 75) {Black Girl Magic}

✨Destiny: GryffinPride LE 50 (max 75) {Puerto Rican Pride Loona}

✨Tiffany: GryffinPride LE 150 (max 200) {Pastel}

I have a few options for the Lot- all four variants.

Gold-plated and 2mm thick

2 pin posts with rubber backs & backstamp

Imitation Hard Enamel

Screenprinted face and print details, Sandblast and pearl