GryffinPride 2


This is a smaller, single-layer version of the original GryffinPride: that pin was 10 cm and pin-on-pin.

This pin is 7.5 cm and single layer with 2 posts.

This Loona pin comes in 4 editions!

✨Pick your flavour of magic ✨

✨Alice: GryffinPride LE 150 {Original Styling}

✨Mel: GryffinPride LE 50 {Black Girl Magic}

✨Destiny: GryffinPride LE 50 {Puerto Rican Pride Loona}

✨Tiffany: GryffinPride LE 150 {Pastel}

Gold-plated and 2mm thick

2 pin posts with rubber backs & backstamp

Imitation Hard Enamel

Screenprinted face and print details, Sandblast and pearl