Mega Magnet Backers For Pins


These 3d printed + rare earth magnet creations are SUPER STRONG. On the most pure steel surface I have gotten these to hold over half a pound of giant pin. Use these for your largest and grailiest of grails. They are $5 a piece.

My fav thing about these is how grippy they are on your pin post without a mechanical lock to get stuck. They use the friction of the 3D printed plastic to grip you post securely but not damage the metal. You can reposition your pin without losing the backer, and the core doesn't wear as quickly as cork.

The Mega Magnets only come in one color: clear. But you can wide variety of colors of the regular and XL backers to fit your theme or the color of your pin or board.

AND you can mix and match backers on the same pin because they're all the same height! So sizes and colors can be mixed to hold up your pin securely and discreetly. PLUS these are great for flat lay pictures to hold your pins up and steady!

Loony Luvgoods exclusive materials and colors πŸ“Œ 🧲 by @eccentricplatypuscreations

These are made to order and may take 2 weeks.

πŸ“Έ @nefarious.pinprix

For smaller sets see the other listings!

Magnets come in 2 other sizes
🧲 Regular, holds 70 grams, 10 mm profile
πŸ’ͺ XL, holds 210 grams, 15 mm profile

The magnets’ hold will vary on different materials and with different textures.