MischiefMade FootPrints


Artifacts from a Disturbingly Powerful map for those who want to Peek, Creep, or Spy.

This is an ongoing collection that will continue to grow.

50 mm is about 2 inches: these are small enough to fit on a lapel or a board.

“Left” starts with the left foot

“Right” starts with the right


You can use the trail of footprints to create a Marauding border; stagger left and right to create a path for an intrepid and incorrigible 3rd year to follow.

A special version of "Right" includes cutouts in the last footprints with clear enamel.

A special version of “Left” includes cutouts in the first footprints with clear enamel.


Buy the "Mischief Manager" collection to get all 5 footprint pins at a discount!

There is one special "Mischief Manager" version with 5 glitter footprints!

art by Loony herself