Plum Loona Minor Flaw

$25.00 / On Sale

This listing is for Loona only - you can buy complete your collection of plums pins by purchasing the Plums sign, tree, plum bunch, and single plum pins from other listings.

Gold-plated and 2mm thick

Hard Enamel 2 pin set Design

Loona is 7.5 cm tall with glitter boot and hard enamels.


Standard Grade (or no grade mentioned) = small variation or very small flaws associated with the handmade nature of pins like a slight variation in print placement or slight uneven surface seen at an angle in certain light,
Flaws do not detract from enjoyment.

Minor Flaw = a small flaw that is visible on examination but does not take away form the pin, such as a small smudge or small chip in the plating or edge or a small fleck of color (not in the face), maybe a larger print variation.

Flawed = a small piece of missing enamel that is hard to notice, a small chip, a dot perhaps near the face but still requires close exam to see and does not significantly detract from the beauty of the pin.