Moonwalker LE 35 TyMasterpieces collab

$25.00 - $50.00 / Coming Soon

The Thrilling Adventures of Loona Luvgood: Dreamwalker

This collab design with @ TyMasterpieces was designed by @Lp_artworks

Silver color plating and 2mm thick

Pin-on-pin design

Hard Enamel

3.5 inches in length with screenprinted face and details, pearl, raised metal and sandblast translucent background with glow and spinning functionality


Please note that colors and effects will vary slightly in production and because they are handmade no pin is perfect.

A grade pins show normal handmade variation but no have no (in normal light at arms length) pits, scratches, large bubbles, appeciable underfill or overfill, marks, specs or miscoloration.

This is a preorder! It may take 6 months or more to receive your pin! Please do not buy the pin if you are uncomfortable with that idea.