Trio of Troublemakers

$10.00 - $33.00

All my shoes have mysteriously disappeared. I suspect the Nargles are behind it.

If you buy the mystery naargle you may request a particular - I will give it to you if I have it.

Radish; or

The pin has glow effects and pearl!

These pins were a manufacturer error and only had one post! I have manually added a second post to each pin.

✨ Tiny Naargle on the main pin is 3 cm tall with glow and pearl effects.

✨ Radish Thief Naargle is 4.5 cm long with glow and pearl effects.

✨ Big Naargle is 4.7 cm long with glow and pearl effects.

These are standard grades & have some small underfill of enamel or small specs in the enamel. "Polite blemishes" : Nothing that takes away from their beauty - no pin is flawless. If you expect perfection, please do not buy my pins!