PRIDE Tuxedo Masc Gala Loona

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Loona arrives at the Ball...
🐛🤵‍♀️ ✨ Tuxedo Masc✨ 🤵‍♀️ 🦋

Loona arrives at the Ball... party

Here they are in a stunning black glitter tux with a decadent two-tone ombré pearl swirl lining.

White print evocative of the design of a Monarch Butterfly adorns the edges of the tail, pant legs, and sleeves.

The pants are a delightfully subtle dark grey pearl with black print seams and wand holster.

Their winged boots are grey glitter with black glitter soles and white glitter wings.

The lapel has a flamboyant design done in several shades of pearl oranges and purples to match the companion pin Gala (Gown) Loona.

Their earrings are white cocoons with printed details.

The face and hair shading is finely printed.

Our favorite RayvenClaw actress recently said she thought Loona would be really into suits…..

Gold-plated and 2mm thick

Hard EnamelDesign

3 inch in length each with screenprinted face and details, pearl and glitter tuxedo.

This version of Loona is specifically gender-queer and masculine presenting, and is part of a small series to celebrate different gender identities. Two companion charity pins are being put in production now with designs by Cristina Tortarolo @poptortstudios. Check out the art in the photos!

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Standard = 1 of the following: small speck of misplace glitter, slight smudge at an angle, slight misprint

Minor Flaw = 2 of the follow of a larger flaw: small speck, slight smudge at an angle, slight misprint

Flawed = 2-3 or the, small speck, slight smudge at an angle, slight misprint, or a bigger fleck or misprint

Very Flawed = chip in edge plating or large gradient misprint or smudge but I can still enjoy the pin