Custom Quantities Magnetic Pin Backs

$190.00 - $370.00

Custom ordered sets. Xl and regular backs are the same price. Tell me the quantity and color of each with a note at checkout.

Color Choices (shown bottom to top)

White/Clear (with purple glow)
Pink Purple Ombré
Pink Glitter
Orange Gold Ombré
Silver Copper Ombré
Brass Silver Ombré
Green Blue Ombré
Black Glitter
Black with Blue Shimmer


Loony Luvgoods exclusive materials and colors 📌 🧲 by @eccentricplatypuscreations

These are made to order and may take 2 weeks.

Both sizes are the same price

Magnets come in 2 sizes
🧲 Regular, holds 70 grams, 10 mm profile
💪 XL, holds 210 grams, 15 mm profile

The magnets’ hold will vary on different materials and with different textures.

If you want to make a custom larger order or mix and match , message me!

Image of Erised Pin Board Mirror Frame by Miflinmade
Erised Pin Board Mirror Frame by Miflinmade
Image of Magnetic Pin Backs
Magnetic Pin Backs
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