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HappyHarpy Cribbitch Reservation Option

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HappyHarpy Cribbitch 4 pin set is $45 with the code

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It is 2010 and Ginny has become THE Chaser to watch in the Cribbitch World Cup

Ginny is a #BossWitch: dominating all of the Cribbitch Pitches.

Her eyes freckles and lips will be screenprinted.

She holds a supple Holly broom custom made for her by the premier experimental broom-maker of the day.

Gold-plated and 2mm thick

Hard Enamel Design

HappyHarpy pin is about 9.5 cm tall (3.75 inches).


Banners are 4 cm long (1.5 inches).

Qwaffle is 2 cm in diameter (a little less than 1 inch).