Broom Thighs: Triple Threat


This is for a set of all three Broom Thighs pins: Sly, DMLE, and Skins

3 Broomsticks, if you will....

Two Words: Broom Thighs

art by @ginger_and_vodka
based on the fic "Bring Him to His Knees" by @willhavetheirtrinkets
Explicit - warning! adults only please

Shirts (Slytheryn) LE 100
Skins LE 60
Shirts (Purple DMLE) LE 25


Gold-plated and 2mm thick

Hard EnamelDesign

3 posts

4 inches or 100 ish mm with screenprinted face and print details, Sandblast with translucent enamel, and raised metal detailing.

These turned out great. None have more than the most incidental of imperfections.

General Grading Policy/Terms

✨Nearly Flawless? How can you be Nearly Flawless?

✨Standard = small speck, slight smudge at an angle, very slight misprint, very shallow dip or texture in enamel or plating only seen at angle -

Nothing that stands out on inspection or at reading length and nothing that detracts from enjoyment