Eyeloops' Owl Poste Pinsurance OR Priority Owl Upgrade

$6.00 - $14.00

Scared of your parcel being eaten by an Owl?

Wrakspurtz confounding your Feathered Delivery Service? (FeathEx)

Naargles in the Roost?


Purchase Eyeloops' Owl Poste Pinsurance*

Loony will purchase owl poste pin insurance for your package, parcel, or owl delivery - $6 for up to $400 domestic or $300 international.

If you do not buy Pin Insurance for your package and it is subsequently lost by the delivery service we will be sad for you, but will not give you your money back and we will not send you a replacement pin.


Do you want the fastest owl we’ve got? Upgrade your first class owl to a priority owl (only US domestic post)

Check out pirate ship.com and their insurance rules! Remember, if the package is going to the UK and you want insurance I will probably not be able to put $10 as the value. So choose your poison- customs or insurance...🥺.

Coverage is on a parcel-by-parcel basis and each individual insured parcel must have a declared value for coverage!!!!

* pin insurance