HMC Something To Protect Howl and Sophie

On sale $32.00 - $35.00

LE 50

Art by @dddaniko

Silver-plated and 2mm thick

2 pin posts with rubber backs & backstamp

Imitation Hard Enamel

Printed face and other details, Sandblast and pearl

This is a preorder, so while it is already begun production of a sample, it may not be in hand or delivered to you for 6 months, though my goal for the project is sooner.

Because it is a preorder there may be changes to colors or effects. Prebuyers will always get the best quality pins I can provide- the cream of the crop, but no pin is perfect! They are all handmade and show variation and small flaws, and if you are unsatisfied with your pin and cannot enjoy it I am happy to give you a label to return the pin then a refund.