Smite Me Tapestry

$115.00 - $125.00 / Coming Soon

💥 Smite Me 💥 Toujours Pur

A huge pin set with 7 mini pins for a total of 8 pins in the set!

Smite your wayward NICE relatives from the family tapestry and leave a smoldering burn as you smudge the GOOD from your family records for daring to marry for love! Or for their audacity in standing up against racism and tyranny. Smite Isla, Cedralla, Fhineus II, Regulis II, Serious II, Andromeda, and Drako.

Pin set presold already, and once presales are fulfilled, any extras will be available in a drop to be announced soon, prices $110-125 depending on quality.

Plated in Gold
Hard Enamel Design
Effects Include print and pin on pin stackable and removable design!

📍 Regulous, Drako, Narcisse, and Bella will be available as separate mini pins outside of the set ($15 each) and I have a few of the set minis (5-19 each) available separately.


Art by @CharlieTheBlueberry

A huge pin set with 7 mini pins.

Plated in Gold

Hard Enamel Design