Drako Potassa Carbonata LR pin AMOR variant

$70.00 - $95.00

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This 3 part pin-on-pin-on-pin spinner is 3 inches

The black cauldron is the top-most pin to create a trompe-l'Ε“il effect.

The moving translucent stained glass smoke billows out of the cauldron as you like, and has a separate post for securing it into a board.

On a magnet board the smoke could move independently, but on a flat pinned surface the smoke will not move once positioned.

2mm thick

Hard EnamelDesign with stained glass and sandblast

3 posts with screenprinted print face details.

Translucent effects

Minor flaw / B grades have shadows in the translucent or 1-2 small specks hard to see at arms length.

W grade pins have slightly wonky mounted cauldron top pins

W MF pins have both kids of flaws.

Remember no pin is perfect- the price of the pin reflects its relative quality in the batch.